Hello World!

My name is Jan Max Meyer, I'm from near Dortmund, Germany.

In 1998, with the age of 13, I've started to create my first little programs in QBASIC on DOS. Since then, programming and computing in general became my passion.

In my professional life, I work as a senior full stack developer at a mid-sized software company in Dortmund, Germany, specialized on cloud software development for various customers in Europe.

Personally, I'm heavily interested into language engineering, several parsing topics, compilers, virtual machines and software development tools in general. This is where Phorward Software Technologies starts. It is the name of some kind of freelancing activity and avocational business I'm doing on my own and mostly in my spare time.

Beyond coding, I'm a passionate glider pilot and love to fly other aircraft for fun as well.



Next, I want to present some notable projects I've been working on in the past or where I'm still involved. References marked with a star (*) are from my professional work life and mostly closed-source.

Language engineering & tools

Tools development

Application development