Hi there!

My name is Jan Max Meyer, I'm living near Dortmund in Germany.

With the age of 13, I've started to create my first little programs in QBASIC on DOS. Since then, programming and computing in general became my passion, by curiosity.

In my professional life, I work as a senior full stack developer at a software company in Dortmund, specialized on cloud software development for various customers in Europe.

Personally, I'm heavily interested into language engineering, compilers, interpreters and virtual machines, any parsing topics in general, and software development tools. This is what Phorward Software Technologies is.

Beyond coding, I'm a passionate glider pilot.


Here are some of my skills regarding information technology.

  • Fluent in the general purpose programming languages Rust, Python, C and JavaScript, but I did also some C++, TypeScript, Java, awk, bash, Pascal, Basic.
  • Expertise in practical compiler construction and language engineering, including lex/yacc, unicc, tokay and similar tools,
    with backgrounds on various parsing algorithms and methodics, including LL/LR/LALR/GLR/GLL, PEG & hand-crafted recursive descent parsing
  • Experienced in web-development with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and several more web-technologies (but I'm not a web-designer!)
  • Knowlege in several SQL-dialects and DBMS including Oracle, Informix, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite
  • Cloud experience with Google Cloud and its products like AppEngine, Cloud Functions, Datastore, Big Table
  • Advanced Linux user


Next are some notable projects I'm involved or I had been involved in.
Any projects without a link where for commercial purpose. I've put the used technologies in brackets.

Language engineering & compilers

  • since 2020: Inventor of Tokay, a programming language dedicated to parsing and other text-processing tasks (written from scratch in Rust)
  • 2020: MEX, a language to describe tabular data extractions, embedding Logics as expressional language (unicc, Python)
  • 2019: Contributor of Pyodide, a port of the CPython interpreter compiled to web-assembly, initially started by Mozilla (C, Python, JavaScript)
  • 2018: Airbatch, an experimental, context-oriented batch data capturing system for flight time recordings (Python)
  • 2017: Hand-crafted, compact HTML-DOM parser & interpreter for the VIUR html5 library (Python)
  • 2017: Hand-crafted Vistache, a template engine with a simple, Mustache- and Jinja-inspired syntax which embeds Logics as an expression language
  • since 2015: Logics, an embeddable expression language running on different platforms (unicc, Python, JavaScript)
  • 2015: Experimental parsing library pynetree, providing a packrat-parser with left-recursion support (Python)
  • 2014: sqlqdbc, a DSL and compiler for database descriptions, generating SQL-statements for database migrations (C, lex/yacc)
  • since 2008: UniCC, a scannerless LALR(1) parser generation with support for several target languages, including C, C++, Python and JavaScript (C)
  • 2007: xmask, a prototype for a data capturing environment with XML-based definitions and a simple scripting language with JavaScript-like syntax (C, lex/yacc)
  • 2006: Initiator of JS/CC, a LALR(1) Parser Generator in and for JavaScript and JScript (JavaScript, JScript)
  • 2005: Inventor of RapidBATCH, an interpreted scripting language with an IDE for Windows automation & tooling (C, RapidBATCH)

Software development tools

  • since 2014: Contributor of ViUR, an open source application development framework for the Google Cloud App Engine platform, and several tools related to it (Python)
  • 2013: Shell Scripting Extensions interface providing command-line tools to build graphical UI-interactions with arbitrary scripting languages on a client/server Unix-based ERP-software-architecture (C, bash)
  • 2013: gendoc, etc. internal tools for source code maintenance and documentation (bash, awk, sed, txt2tags, htmldoc, pdftk)
  • 2012: impact, a report generator library with dynamic database querying and integrated Excel-style formula-language and value concept (C, unicc)
  • since 2006: libphorward, a C/C++ library providing a modular regular expression engine with full Unicode-support, amongst other tools (written from scratch in C)

Application development

  • since 2020: Portal software for third-party apps including interfaces and APIs, partly implemented using WebAssembly
  • since 2018: Editor for template-based, dynamically generated WYSIWYG mass correspondence management
  • since 2016: Catalog maintenance system with dynamic workflows, input masks and exporting facilities
  • 2016: Android web-app for documentation of activity, working hours and checklists for workshops
  • 2015: Web-shops for products and tickets, including ticket reservation & printing
  • 2015: Web-based intercompany system for technical data & knowledge management, including field-level access control
  • 2012-2014: Impact report generator, viewer and querying system, rendering information into several output formats, supported inheritable report definitions
  • 2012: Port of legacy Unix-software written in C to the POSIX-emulation layers Interix (SUA) and Cygwin on Windows Server
  • 2009: Client scripting interfaces to Office-Products written in VBA and VBScript
  • 2007-2010: Personal information database, providing user-customizable database and input masks
  • 2005-2010: Several projects for software in payroll accounting, cost accounting, ERP, HR, PMS